Secrets Skin Care Companies Don’t Want You To Know

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August 9, 2013
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Skin is the single largest organ of the human body. It is the armor that protects our immune system from ultraviolet radiation, microorganisms and toxic agents. Skin, especially of the face, is also the very first thing we see when we meet someone allowing for gauging of age, health, and attractiveness. With that said the importance of practicing proper skincare cannot be understated.

We all want to keep our skin youthful and radiant, but with every product promising to make us look our best, we are left forever experimenting. How often do we see a new youth serum advertised as revolutionary and proven effective? However, after purchasing, does it prove to be effective for you? Just when does the experimenting end?

When it comes to skincare, one does not fit all! Some over-the-counter skincare products seem pretty good; they smell nice, contain some “proven” active ingredients, and a paid model tells us that by using this product, we’re doing well for ourselves. If we take a look at the labels, we’ll notice that almost always the active ingredients are at the very bottom of the list. In other words, their concentration is so small, that the effect is big marketing, and little efficacy. Additionally, those fragrances that make us feel clean and attractive are actually artificial additives that could be tainting the product formula, and actually having an adverse effect on our skin.

While that is the bitter truth, it is no reason to get discouraged from practicing skincare. The great news is that ENHANCE Aesthetic Arts offers exclusive medical skin care that is just under the prescription dosing, but much stronger than anything available over-the-counter. With Dr. Irene Gradstein’s expertise, she is able to recommend a tailored routine based on each individual’s unique skin type and needs. As time passes, and our skin changes, our skincare routine should evolve with it, optimally under a physician’s supervision.

ENHANCE Aesthetic Arts offers FREE Consultations to give you a thorough evaluation, enabling the road to beautiful, radiant skin. It’s time to stop experimenting, and give your skin the proper care it deserves.