Why Do We Find Fuller Lips More Attractive?

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Ladies, let’s face it, we apply and reapply our lipstick more than any other make up item in our bags. What’s the obsession and why are we compelled to draw attention to our lips? Are we really just influenced by celebrities, such as Angelina Jolie and Scarlett Johansson, or is there a lot more to it? There have been many studies done on what makes female lips more attractive to a male. In conclusion – men find fuller and more proportionate lips most attractive. What’s behind this consistency? Apparently, men are driven by their natural instinct to find a fertile mate. In youth, a female has fuller lips and with age, lips lose volume. Thus, fuller lips signify youth! Aside from fullness, it appears that the attractiveness is also in proportion – lower lip being 25% fuller than the upper lip is considered most appealing.

As we age, we lose volume in our faces, as well as in our lips. The corners of the mouth are pulled down, giving the illusion of unhappiness. Sure, we can put on lipstick and lip-liner to accentuate the lips, but more and more women choose to enhance their lips with filler known as Restylane. It is a gel-based hyuloronic acid used to correct the signs of aging by smoothing away wrinkles, lifting the corners of the mouth, and enhancing lips.

At ENHANCE Aesthetic Arts, we strongly believe the key to beauty is looking natural and youthful. Contact us today for a FREE consultation with Dr. Irene Gladstein and learn how Restylane can help you achieve the attractive lips you always wanted!