How To Choose Between Botox, Dysport And Xeomin

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Botox, Dysport And Xeomin

Eventually, our body overtakes our minds when it comes to aging. You might still feel twenty years younger, but unfortunately, your skin does not see it this way. Slowly, wrinkles and lines start to etch themselves across our face, as we age gracefully. The laughter we have enjoyed over the years, becomes crow’s feet at the corner of our eyes, while our forehead retains that furrow that we get when we think too much.

And it is not just the older generation that starts to notice the change, both men, and women in their twenties and thirties will start to see the touch of time on their youthful faces. So, there is no reason why we cannot hold off the ravages of time for as long as possible, which is why cosmetic treatment such as Botox, Dysport, and Xeomin are popular treatments for the young in mind, but little older in body.

How These Fillers Can Help

It is the repetitive muscle movements in your face that start to leave creases on your face. The most common areas to notice these wrinkles are the forehead, between your eyebrows, and the corners of your eyes. Our treatments are typically generated from a form of botulinum toxin (which is how the name Botox is derived). Once applied, this treatment will help limit the muscles that specifically cause your wrinkles, by releasing and relaxing those muscles. The treatment is done by injection and will last for around 3-4 months, and are safe to use in the long term. You will find that Botox, Dysport And Xeomin have all been formed from that botulinum toxin.

Which One Is Best For You?

Botox: This is the most famous of the treatments, having been around for many decades now. Millions of Botox injections have been given over those years, and this is a very safe and reliable way to treat any wrinkles you may have noticed. This makes it one of the most popular treatments around, with many treatments using Botox as the industry benchmark.

Dysport: This is a relatively new form of botulinum toxin treatment. There is a genuine belief among its fans that this treatment actually works quicker than Botox, with results showing up within days. There is also an opinion among plastic surgeons that Dysport spreads more than Botox, so it is of excellent use if you have lines and furrows in your brow region.

Xeomin: The new kid on the block. This form is unique, as it is a ‘naked’ toxin, meaning you are less likely to become immune to it, with treatment over time. This is an issue with botulinum treatments. As it has smaller molecules, it has also been observed to get results in quicker time.

Consult With Our Experts

As you can see, all three treatments offer up the same results, while there are some subtle differences for each type of botulinum toxin. It is best that you organize to talk to one of our consultants at  THE ENHANCERS , to decide which will work best for your particular needs and expectations. That way, you will walk out full of self-confidence while also being sure of what you want and how you will look.