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Benefits Of Getting Eyelid Surgery Earlier In Life
July 31, 2013
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Dr. Gladstein is pleased to announce her offering of a revolutionary new treatment. Venus Freeze is an incredible new technology that can tighten up your skin and reduce the cellulite and circumferential fat in all of your problem areas. Venus Freeze is non-invasive and uses multi-polar radio frequency coupled with pulsed magnetic fields creating the combination known as MP2, which has a critical impact on fat cells. This exclusive combination works to raise the temperature of the area being treated, freeing fatty acids that pass from the fat cell into the blood stream. The cells volume decreases, tightening the skin, and the fatty acids are either metabolized by various cells in the body or restored again in fat cells. Venus Freeze can be your non-surgical solution for any of your concerns including:

Skin Tightening:

One of the most visible signs of aging comes in the form of lax and saggy skin. The skin becomes like this because of increased collagen fragmentation and a decrease in the number of cells that produce collagen fibers. Collagen is a protein found in the skin, when sufficiently present, contributes to the fullness appearance. Due to the magnetic pulse component of MP2, the structure of collagen fibers becomes modified creating thicker and shorter fibers. The number of fibers is also increased due to the new fibroblasts in the cell resulting in improved skin tightness and elasticity.

Wrinkle Reduction:

Another unwanted sign of aging is wrinkles. Wrinkles begin to form when collagen fragmentation is increased, the number of dermal fibroblasts that produce collagen decreases, and the loss of dermal circulation takes away skin’s elasticity. The reduction of wrinkles happens when the magnetic pulse component of MP2 works to modify collagen while the RF (radio frequency) component causes collagen and elastin synthesis to take place and create controlled damage. This is beneficial because it triggers the skins healing process and results in more toned, healthy skin.

Cellulite Reduction:

Cellulite is most commonly found around the thighs, buttocks and hips and can be described as fat deposited in pockets close to the surface of the skin. Strands of collagen fibers separate these pockets of fat deposit. When the strands break down and subcutaneous fat builds up, the fat cells begin to bulge out resulting in the dimpled look of cellulite. When MP2 produces a magnetic field, growth factors required for the expansion of dermal fibroblast are induced and new blood vessels are emanated. Additionally, a controlled damaged environment is created due to collagen and elastin synthesis triggering enzyme mediated lipolysis. The result is a decrease in subcutaneous fat mass, improved blood circulation and stabilized collagen strands ultimately reducing the cellulite in the area.

Circumferential Reduction:

Many women often try to eliminate excess fat with diet and exercise, but when they don’t do the trick, other solutions are often explored. A circumference reduction treatment can effectively reduce cellulite, improve skin tone and increase dermal blood flow in the body resulting in a decrease in measurements.

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