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January 10, 2014
Tips for Avoiding Bruising and Swelling after Injections
March 10, 2014

One of the most difficult challenges for the patients today is to select an aesthetics injection provider who possesses the talent for being able to produce natural and aesthetically pleasing results. It is due to Dr. Gladstein’s talent, sincerity, and dedication that THE ENHANCERS is able to acquire the loyalty of our vast patient base and grow into multiple locations due to high demand. As if it isn’t rewarding enough to be appreciated by our patients, and being an official trainer for Allergan for numerous years, Dr. Gladstein has also been chosen to serve as an official trainer for Sculptra.

Since 2006, Dr. Irene Gladstein has been a Sculptra treatment provider, and has perfected a technique which made her one of the top Sculptra providers in NYC! Dr. Irene has been approached for patient before and after photos for Sculptra advertisements due to the amazing results she’s able to attain. After being recognized and nominated for the title of Sculptra Trainer by field professionals, Dr. Irene will now be able to share her knowledge and techniques with physicians nation-wide.

As stated in a recent blog we shared, Sculptra is unique in that it’s a collagen stimulant that works within the deep dermis to stimulate your own body’s production of collagen, resulting in achieving volume in the areas where there is a lack of it due to the aging process. It works in progression with your body’s response to restore the collagen over time, making it a unique product on the aesthetics market. It requires a knowledgeable surgeon with a thorough understanding of facial anatomy, as well as an artistic eye, in order to strategically administer the stimulant for the perfect projection of the face.

Our patients already know about the special touch that Dr. Irene possesses, but it’s an honor that Dr. Irene is being recognized nationwide by the very manufacturers of the injectables. Today, Dr. Irene is humbled and proud to continue serving our patients with superior results!