Why Your Sweet Tooth is Aging You
April 1, 2014
Just in Time for Mother’s Day
May 2, 2014

Victoria Beckham, former Spice Girl, celebrated her 40th birthday this month.  When doing a side-by-side comparison between her Posh Spice days and now, we would say this beauty looks 40 years young—and remarkably unaged.  As a matter of fact, she happens to look even more stunning today than back then.  At 40 years old with four children and a tanning habit, her flawless face has everyone wondering: what’s her secret?

Victoria was turned on to the powers of Botox early enough that she was able to prevent wrinkles from forming.  Botox, which is an injection used to paralyze muscles, has been gaining popularity over the years, thanks to celebs like Beckham who appear to never age.  In certain areas of the face such as frown lines plaguing the forehead, crow’s feet surrounding the eyes, or even drooping eyebrows, Botox can “freeze” the muscle, eliminating contractions that cause lines.  When used at the first signs of aging, Botox can be used as a preventative method of thwarting off deeper lines before they have a chance to develop.

THE ENHANCERS has been helping both women and men to age gracefully by offering skillfully applied Botox to NYC patients.  It takes a highly experienced and trained professional to create the desirable soft, natural look that is seen on Victoria Beckham.  Dr. Irene Gladstein makes it possible to achieve this with Botox at THE ENHANCERS —no celeb status necessary!