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Botulinum toxin injection is a treatment for muscle spasm, by preventing the release of acetylcholine and contraction of muscle cells. It allows the muscles to become less stiff, thus alleviating pain. Do you know that more men are getting Botox injections these days? Well, expert plastic surgeons have figured out the reasons why, and you will soon find out in this post:

Surgeons Are Targeting More Men

In the past, plastic surgery websites used to be filled with pictures of women undergoing the procedures. However, things have changed now with the addition of a dedicated tab for men, showing pictures of them undergoing treatments. Today’s cosmetic spas are now more male-oriented than ever, with giant TVs chosen to target the male audience.

The Practice Is Becoming More Accepted

Gone are the days when people used to hide any form of cosmetic treatment they have undergone to change their looks, as they fear criticism from people. Nowadays, it’s common to discuss about Botox, even amongst men. Also, after seeing the results of people around them, men tend to give this procedure a try. It is a common human nature to react positively to something positive that has happened to your known ones. And this is a major reason why men follow the herd!

Competition In The Workplace

In an increasingly competitive environment, men want to be ahead in every aspect. This is the reason why they are starting to be more opening to undergo procedures that were once dominated by the women. The idea is to look energetic and younger than their colleagues, so as to perform better and compete better. Nobody wants to look fatigued in front of someone (for example, the boss) they want to impress.

Online Dating And Social Media Also Have An Influence

Some older men these days seek to look younger in order to attract women. This has been made possible with online dating and social media interaction. Some men opt for Botox injections before they meet someone special, so that they can make a great first impression. More and more men these days are concerned about how they look, and how important it is to take care of their skin. To maintain a vibrant look, they are open to the idea of using injections like Botox. This is no discrimination when it comes to looking good – people feel good when they look good!

Of course, when it comes to the number of Botox procedures performed every year, men still have a long way to go in order to meet the numbers when compared with the women. However, it is safe to say that the men are ready to give the women a run for their money in the future! If you are interested to find out what THE ENHANCERS can do when it comes to Botox injections for men, feel free to contact us today.