If you’re continuously embarrassed by facial scars from acne or sun damage, or have irregular skin pigmentation that you cannot hide, a chemical peel may be the treatment option for you. With the use of a chemical solution, the damaged outer layers of your skin are removed creating an improved, smooth texture to the facial skin.

Chemical peels not only improve acne and sun damage, but they can be used to improve the look of freckles, reduce fine lines and wrinkles and smooth out any rough, scaly patches of skin. Additionally, different chemical peels are formulated in order to treat each individual patient for their own specific needs, as well as their skin tone.

Patients may experience subtle peeling after the treatment, as well as slight redness for a couple of days. You will receive the proper products for skin care after your treatment and will have to utilize them for about a month. For optimal results, it is recommended to avoid any sun exposure following the treatment.