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Ptosis Repair

If you find that your upper eyelid is drooping, you may have ptosis. This causes a tired, sleepy look and reduces your vision, and comes about by the gradual stretching of the upper lid supporting tissue. It is part of the aging process, yet it can be repaired to leave you looking younger and more vibrant, while also improving your sight.

What Is Ptosis?

It is when the upper eyelid droops, which may, or may not, be noticeable. In some cases, the eyelid will cover the pupil, leaving vision seriously impaired. It is basically down to a defect in the levator muscle and is usually associated with the detachment or thinning muscle tendon. Some people will feel the eyelid become increasingly heavy, which may, in turn, impair their vision. Many will start to tilt their head, in order to see better, which could cause headaches, due to eyestrain.

How Is It Repaired?

To repair ptosis, it takes a minor surgical procedure, that tightens the muscle that lifts your eyelid. This is carried out either through the eyelid skin or from inside. Incisions are typically done inside and there are no visible marks post-surgery, once you are fully healed. After surgery, your eyelid will be slightly swollen and your vision blurry, but this will disappear shortly. If you wear contact lenses, you can return to them as soon as you feel comfortable, with most people using them again within three weeks.

How To Get The Best Results

Ensure that you have a qualified and experienced ptosis surgeon carry out the procedure. At @theenhancers , Dr. Gladstein has performed eyelid surgery on thousands of patients and is a highly regarded and experienced eyelid surgeon.

Always make sure you are getting the correct surgery, which is ptosis repair, and not blepharoplasty. A consultation with Dr. Gladstein will put you at ease, as she explains what the procedure entails and what will be the best option for you. She will determine if you need surgery performed from inside the eyelid, or through the eyelid.

Ptosis surgery should be completed by a surgeon with vast experience, as you don’t want to end up with ptosis complications. With Dr. Galdstein, you are guaranteeing you are receiving the services of a renowned, specialized and qualified eye surgeon.

Use your consultation to fully understand what you are about to undergo. Now is the time to ask Dr. Galdstein any questions, or clear up any information that may be troubling you. You need to feel one hundred percent comfortable with your surgeon, and the upcoming ptosis repair. This is where Dr. Galdstein will assist you, and make you feel comfortable with the procedure, and its outcomes.

If you are beginning to experience drooping eyelids, and what it fixed it so you can retain your youthful looks, while clearing your poor vision, make sure you set up a consultation with @theenhancers . You can learn more about the surgical options, and feel confident about the procedure.