Safety Protocols

Dear friends,

The past few months have been very trying for everybody, to say the least. We have witnessed our lives get uprooted, our basic understanding of daily routine and reality get changed and for some, especially in NYC, worst fears realized. Yet, we are are strong, we are resilient, we are New Yorkers and we will certainly persevere despite all the adversities. While we cannot change the circumstances of this unprecedented pandemic, we want to assure you that as we are going unprecedented distances to assure YOUR safety.

In addition to meticulous complying with recommendations and instructions from our local and state health departments along with latest recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control (“CDC”), Department of Health (“DOH”), World Health Organization (“WHO”) and other overseeing regulatory bodies, we have incorporated multiple additional protective measures to safeguard the health and well-being of our patients and staff. We are doing this not to complicate matters, but to ensure your health.

Please read the information provided below in detail to familiarize yourself with our new policies and protocols. We are here for you should you have any questions.

What is happening in our facilities:

  • Front desk reception areas are now enclosed with tempered glass for your safety
  • Medical grade Ultra-Hepa and Hepa-13 air purifiers have been installed in each procedure room and in the waiting areas
  • Every exam room now undergoes thorough medical grade sterilization of all surfaces including chemical medical grade sterilization and UV sterilizations after each patient encounter and combined UV/ozone sterilization at the end of each day
  • Front desks, common area and bathrooms now undergo thorough hourly cleaning including chemical medical grade disinfection and UV sterilization

-Reception and seating areas are now marked with “social distancing” and “do not

sit”  stickers to assure everybody’s compliance with social distancing guidelines


What is happening with our staff:

  • All staff undergoes extensive daily screenings for any signs or symptoms of COVID-19
  • All providers/staff are equipped with medical grade PPE for each patient encounter

 What is happening to your experience with us

  • Every patient now receives instructions on our new policies prior to an appointment both verbally and via email
  • Every patient now undergoes extensive screening for signs and symptoms of Covid-19 prior to coming in
  • Virtual check in and out is now offered to all patients

-Touch-less and cashless check in and out is now offered at all locations. Just waive your card on top of the terminal with no need to sign any receipts.  In order to take advantage of this option, please assure that you use card with electronic chip. We will not be accepting cash payments until further notice

  • Appointments are spaced apart and there is less staff to encourage social distancing
  • “No Visitor” policy is now implemented allowing for less contact/interactions in the offices
  • No coffee or water service is available at either location to minimize any risk of contamination
  • All brochures are now removed BUT we will be offering brand new, untouched issues of New Beauty magazine to every patient upon check in

What we ask you to do to prepare for your upcoming appointment:

-Please fill out the COVID-19 questionnaire and supplemental COVID-19 history forms. You can download a copy here

-Please sign the COVID-19 Risk Informed Consent Form. You can find it here

-Scan/photograph all forms and email them to us as per instructions

-In compliance with NYS Department of Health recommendation, we kindly require you to wear a mask to your appointment; we regret to inform you that you will not be allowed access to our facilities without the mask.

-We kindly request for you NOT to wear ANY makeup prior to your appointment

-Please arrive to your appointment alone. Any accompanying individuals will be required to wait in their vehicle or outside of the office for the duration of your appointment

Special arrangements could be made in advance for elderly patients or persons needing assistance with advance notice. Please inform us of the need of escort at the time of booking your appointment

-Upon arrival, you will undergo a temperature check with a “non-contact” thermometer

-If there is no low grade fever detected, you will then be given a bag with your name and a pair of gloves inside the bag

-You will then be escorted to the restroom to wash your hands and face. There will be a touch-less face wash dispenser and soap dispensers for your safety. If applicable, you will be asked to rinse your mouth with antiseptic

-While washing face/mouth, place your mask inside the bag you received; do not leave your mask on any counters or other surfaces

-Once you have finished washing your hands/face, kindly put your mask first followed by your gloves. Take your bag with you and hold on to it

-Once you are in the treatment room, you will be prepared for you procedure. Depending on the procedure, we may ask you to remove your mask

-While in the room and your mask

is removed (for numbing or during the procedure), please refrain from speaking. If you need to speak, we kindly request for you to put the mask back on

-After the procedure, you will kindly be asked to re-apply your face mask immediately

-If receiving any filler in the lower face, please keep your mask on while in office but remove it as soon as you are home and keep off for at least 24 hours

-You can obtain your post treatment instructions here