Is SculpSure Better Than CoolSculpting?

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As technology advances and our understanding of how our bodies work becomes more in-depth, there is a great array of solutions now available to help remove stubborn fat or cellulite. These remarkable discoveries have helped many people regain any self-confidence they have lost, while creating amazing changes in their physical shapes. The latest treatments getting fantastic results are SculpSure and CoolSculpting, but what are they and how do they work?

How They Remove Stubborn Fat

You will find that SculpSure and CoolSculpting both work on the same principle but with an opposite reaction. To destroy the stubborn fat cells, they change their temperature, with CoolSculpting using a cold temperature, and SculpSure a hot one. CoolSculpting draws the targeted area into its applicator device, which supplies suction as it cools the area, making the cells freeze. As these are no longer viable, your body clears the dead cells away, making the area appear contoured and smoother. SculpSure uses a laser to heat the cells, which kills them. You won’t feel any heat as cooling plates keep the skin cool. Again, the body removes the dead cells, which in turn reduces the body fat in the targeted area. The end result, is you feel far more confident with your looks and physique.

SculpSure Advantages

  • If you undergo CoolSculpting treatment, it will take, on average, around 60 minutes for a course of treatment.
  • SculpSure treatment averages out at 25 minutes.
  • With SculpSure you have the capacity to target up to four areas of stubborn fat at once.
  • With CoolSculpting, you can only receive treatment in one area.
  • Once your SculpSure treatment is finished, you can leave and return to work or carry on your day as normal.
  • With CoolSculpting, you will have to have your targeted area massaged before you can return to your normal day.
  • SculpSure not only removes the fat cells, but it also tightens the skin due to the laser energy. This leaves the targeted area looking smoother and more contoured.
  • As SculpSure uses a laser, its heat tends to extend slightly beyond the immediate treatment area, which means its thermal spread creates a natural transition between untreated and treated areas.
  • Finally, with SculpSure you can expect to see good results within six to 12 weeks, while CoolSculpting can take up to four to six months to notice any difference.


There are no scars as this is non-invasive treatment, there are no needles and you do not require general or local anesthesia. CoolSculpting patients have complained of a strong pulling sensation from the suction device, which can be uncomfortable. Your treated area also requires massage, which can also cause discomfort, while swelling, bruising and some redness can occur.

With SculpSure there is no suction, or massage required. You may feel a slight tingling as treatment is carried out, but nothing that will cause discomfort. You may feel some post-treatment soreness, but that dissipates pretty quickly.

If you feel that your stubborn fat areas need some help to be rid of and you want to regain your confidence, then SculpSure could be perfect for your body. The best way to determine this, is to speak to one of our @theenhancers consultants. They will explain the procedure and find out what expectations you have, as we help transform you to how you want to look.