Entropion Repair - Featured Image

Entropion is the condition where the lower eyelid and eyelashes begin to roll inward towards the eye. The skin under the eyelid starts to rub against the cornea, which is the front part of the eye, and the conjunctiva, the mucous membrane that protects the eye. As a result, an excessive amount of tearing can occur as well as, mucous discharge, crusting of the eyelid, irritation of the cornea, decreased vision or a feeling that something may be in the eye. In many instances this occurs because of aging, when the tissues of the eyelid begin to relax, but other causes can be the result of chemical and thermal burns scarring the inner surface of the eyelid, diseases of inflammation or allergic reactions. Entropion can potentially be genetic as well if the eyelids do not form properly, however, those cases are extremely rare.

Entropion can and should be repaired through surgery. Without repair, infection and scarring can occur due to the rubbing of the eyelid and damage to the cornea. The eye can remain protected before the surgery by fixing the lower lid down and utilizing lubricated drops and ointment. There is also the option of having sutures placed through the lower eyelid until the patient knows if surgery can definitely be performed.