Hair PRP

Hair PRP is a proprietary procedure that supports healthy volume, by using your body’s growth factors derived from your own blood, as well as prevent hair loss. The research has shown that while there is no panacea when it comes to hair loss, growth factor stimulation leads to impressive results with minimal downtime. Hair is best for both female and male patients who are interested in maintaining their hair density and quality. Now you can prevent hair loss and restore your hair without having to undergo invasive surgery or deal with the downtime!

How many treatments of Hair PRP are needed?

Hair PRP is a series of 4 treatments each performed a month apart, involving injections with the tiniest needle performed directly into the areas of the scalp that most concern you. After the 4 sessions are completed, we recommend doing a maintenance session once every 6 months to support the results.

How long does Hair PRP take?

The entire procedure takes about an hour (including numbing and blood processing) and the actual injection takes about 10-15 minutes.

How can I prepare for Hair PRP?

The day the of the procedure–please shampoo your hair BUT avoid any hair care products such as hair spray, gel, and mousse. Consider bringing headgear to wear after the procedure. Please expect that your hair may be greasy after you are done. While shorter hair could be cleaned in the office, longer hair will need to be shampooed in 8-12 hours at home.

Is there downtime after Hair PRP?

There is no actual downtime after Hair, however, we do advise you to stay away from the following:

  • Avoid using any other hair care products for 12 hours. You may return to your normal hair routine after that.
  • Avoid sun and UV sunlamp exposure to the scalp for 48 hours after treatment
  • Wait at least 72 hours before using any chemical products such as hair dye.
  • Avoid any blood thinners for 1 week after treatment, including vitamin E, vitamin A, Ginko, Garlic, Flax, Cod Liver Oil, Essential Fatty Acid.
  • Avoid alcohol and cigarettes for 72 hours after treatment.

Avoid medications like aspirin, Advil, Motrin, Iburprofen, Naproxen, Voltaren and other anti-inflammatory medications for 72 hours. We want inflammation to occur for a better response. If you have any pain, Tylenol (acetaminophen) is ok to take in appropriate doses.

Is Hair PRP a cure for hair loss?

There is currently no cure for hair loss. An average individual may lose up to 100 strands of hair per day! Hair PRP is used to slow down the progression of hair loss and to stimulate hair growth. Maintenance is required every 6 months in order to support the results achieved.

Who is not a candidate for Hair PRP?

Some contraindications to hair PRP may include but not limited to infection, low platelet count, liver disease, cancer, and anticoagulation therapy with drugs such as Coumadin/Warfarin and heparin. Before starting any treatment, it is best to schedule a consultation with us in order to determine whether the treatment is right for you!