Project Glammers Mint PDO ThreadsProject Glammers Mint PDO Threads
Project Glammers Mint PDO ThreadsProject Glammers Mint PDO Threads

When it comes to preventative aging, we all desire tighter and smoother skin, we all want natural and subtle appearances. While a lot of issues in our lives are up for debate, we could all agree that the ability to look in the mirror with 100% confidence is a shared goal for all of us!

Introducing, PROJECT GLAMMERS™️ Mint threads, an exclusive non-invasive lifting approach designed to complement our world-renowned facial and body anti-aging and contouring protocols. PROJECT GLAMMERS™️ Mint Threads are designed to support, reposition and fixate soft tissues of the face and body, aiming to lift, sculpt and contour areas which are often either non-amendable to other non-surgical modalities OR require a bit more oomph than current non-surgical procedures offer.

MINT PDO Threads are very different from the rest of the threads on the market in how these threads are manufactured. The process creates a delicate yet strong device that with proper technique and artistic approach lift, beautify and actually LAST!!!


Our expert providers will administer local anesthesia and while using sterile technique, safely insert these dissolvable threads underneath the skin to produce instant, impressive results meant to compliment our other approaches to facial and body contouring and anti-aging. Depending on the area, the procedure could take from a few minutes to under an hour. Mild redness, bruising and swelling is occasionally seen but expected to resolve within a few days.

PROJECT GLAMMERS™️ Mint Threads are ideal to restore youthful jawline, cheeks, necks, knees and improve the behinds. It is also perfect for creating beautiful brow lifts that range from subtle to dramatic. Ask us today If PROJECT GLAMMERS™️ Threads are right for you.