You have probably heard or seen amazing make-up nose contouring techniques used to visually refine and temporarily perfect the nose. Those usually look stunning, but tend to get washed off with the first shower. You are also certainly well aware of nose job or rhinoplasty being the most permanent way of correcting the shape of the nose. If you have used make up nose contouring techniques in the past and wished it lasted longer or fantasized about a nose job but hesitated due to downtime and cost, we have amazing news for you!!! What in the past could be achieved temporarily with make up or more permanently with surgery, is now achievable in a simple minimally invasive thread based procedure. You read it right, we now possess an ability to contour, perfect and enhance the nose—all without surgery or risky fillers! Now there is a way to enhance your profile, elevate and support the nasal tip, achieve contoured elegant appearance, and create support for nasal bridge done in a comfort of an office chair in under 45 minutes! Introducing MINT™️ Thread Nose Contouring—an FDA approved, groundbreaking minimally invasive procedure with the main indication of delivering the nose of your dreams. And all of that with minimal to no downtime and results lasting for a year (and longer with repeat applications).”