Venus Viva Launch photoshoot at PROJECT GLAMMERS Brooklyn
July 31, 2015
Dr. Gladstein is featured on
August 16, 2015

Dr. Irene Gladstein, the founder of PROJECT GLAMMERS Aesthetic Arts, was featured as one of the top doctors in her field in the August, 2015 edition of NewBeauty magazine. Acknowledged for her contribution to the aesthetics industry, Dr. Irene is honored to partner with NewBeauty to provide consumers with continuous education as well as insight on the latest and newest cosmetic technologies. Over the course of her career, Dr. Gladstein has been recognized for pioneering advanced innovative techniques in surgical and injectable enhancements; including the development of a highly effective approach to upper eyelid surgery that provides a superior natural result with minimal recovery time. Her mastery of both, minimally invasive surgery and the administration of cosmetic injectables, has made her a highly respected speaker and educator among her peers.  Dr. Irene continues to raise the bar for the industry standards and regularly trains other physicians to perform the procedures she herself has perfected.

Since its inception, ten years ago, multi-faceted NewBeauty magazine has firmly established itself as a trendsetter and industry leader that seeks to reshape how the public thinks about beauty. The trusted team of expert editors at NewBeauty cover all the hottest trends and important innovations spanning the beauty, wellness, and fitness fields, distributing trustworthy, accurate, and scientifically supported articles that serve to both engage and educate readers.

Both Dr. Gladstein and NewBeauty share a commitment to patient empowerment through continuing education, making this partnership an exponentially compelling step towards better care and improved patient experiences. By bringing Dr. Gladstein on board and giving her a forum in which to share her experience and expertise, NewBeauty has given readers the ability to make informed decisions based on advice from a source they can trust.

For more information, please visit or contact the team at PROJECT GLAMMERS Aesthetic Arts.