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December 21, 2015
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Image: YouTube/Darsh’s Bites

Everyone loves a quick fix, especially for the problem areas that plague you when you look in the mirror. One area that can always use improvement is the delicate skin under our eyes. If everyone had a perfect under-eye area, we’d have no need for concealer, eye creams or serums. Because it is such a common problem, it’s no wonder that people have gone bananas for beauty blogger Darshika Patel’s super fast and easy dark circle and puffy eye quick fix video.

In the video, Patel mixes a few teaspoons of baking soda with a couple of drops of water to create a runny paste. She cautions viewers not to get the paste too close to their eyes as she smears it on her under-eye area with the back of a spoon. She suggests waiting five to 10 minutes to let the paste dry before wiping it off with baby wipes. “Baking soda is also a great exfoliant for your face,” says Patel. “I always use this as my exfoliator for the week and it just leaves my skin feeling nice and smooth, as if I’ve just had a microderm.”

Simple, right? But, before you run to the kitchen cupboards to mix your own miracle concoction, consider what you’re putting on the most delicate skin on your face. “While great for common household tasks such as cleaning or baking, baking soda or 100-percent sodium bicarbonate should be kept away from the eyes,” says New York oculoplastic surgeon Irene Gladstein, MD. “Its very high pH of 9 makes it irritating to the sensitive lining of the eyes, while its effect on dark circles is limited to mild skin exfoliation.”

According to Mount Kisco, NY, dermatologist Ross Levy, MD, in addition to the immediate dangers to your skin, using the paste is only a temporary fix that is not worth the effort or possible harm. “The baking soda may be very drying and could cause peeling, which will cause more crinkles under the eye,” says Dr. Levy. “Also, if it irritates your skin, it will swell and therefore look as if the circles are improved, but it’s only temporary.”

Avoid the frustration of a quick fix that does more harm then good by seeking the advice of an expert who can help you find a long-lasting solution. “While home remedies can temporarily improve matters, it’s important to consult with a qualified expert to determine the exact cause and chart an appropriate course of action. We commonly treat this under-eye problem with a combination of fillers, skin care and skin resurfacing modalities to create a multifaceted approach,” says Dr. Gladstein. Dr. Levy adds, “Surgery to remove the underlying fat pads, fillers, or the use of a fractional laser are helpful and effective in reducing or eliminating dark circles and puffy eyes.”

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