PRFM Injections


Introducing a new, state of the art regenerative therapy: PRFM Injections! PRFM (platelet rich fibrin matrix) injections are the next generation of traditional platelet therapy! While similar to the platelet rich plasma therapy used years before it, PRFM still utilizes your very own platelets to release growth factors in the designated treatment area. However, with PRFM, an extra step is added to the preparation of your blood to remove all the contaminants and create a pure solution containing a fibrin matrix. The matrix obtained creates a scaffolding effect to protect, support, and preserve the platelets to initiate and promote your natural healing process.


This natural healing process stimulates the production of new cells, like collagen and elastin fibers, to improve your skin tone and texture. Here at THE ENHANCERS, we are currently utilizing this new technology to improve overall skin quality in the under eyes and the neck. Come in today for your consultation!