PRFM Neck Rejuvenation


PRFM Injections


Introducing a new, state of the art regenerative therapy: PRFM Injections! PRFM (platelet rich fibrin matrix) injections are the next generation of traditional platelet therapy! While similar to the platelet rich plasma therapy used years before it, PRFM still utilizes your very own platelets to release growth factors in the designated treatment area. However, with PRFM, an extra step is added to the preparation of your blood to remove all the contaminants and create a pure solution containing a fibrin matrix.

Natural Healing Process

The matrix obtained creates a scaffolding effect to protect, support, and preserve the platelets to initiate and promote your natural healing process. This natural healing process stimulates the production of new cells, like collagen and elastin fibers, to improve your skin tone and texture. Here at THE ENHANCERS, we are currently utilizing this new technology to improve overall skin quality in the under eyes and the neck. Come in today for your consultation!

Are fine lines and wrinkles in your neck contributing to the skin quality in the area looking less than ideal and giving you an overall aged appearance? This is a common problem that can be challenging to treat if not addressed in a timely and appropriate fashion.  The good news is there are natural and non-surgical options that can prevent neck skin sagging from happening or, if the change has already happened, reverse the clock.

Introducing state of the approach to preventative aging: PRFM Injections! PRFM (Platelet Rich Fibrin Matrix) injections are the next generation of traditional platelet therapy.  Similar to the platelet-rich plasma therapy used for years prior, PRFM utilizes your platelets to release growth factors in the designated treatment area. What makes PRFM a novel and unique approach is an additional step in the preparation of your blood.  Leaving the purest and most advanced solution capable of prolonging the life of plasma, PRFM process allows for pure platelets to stay in the area of injection longer (days vs. seconds with old approaches), thus generating outcomes unlike anything we have seen with the previously used PRP. What are the exact effects?  PRFM stimulates production of collagen and elastin and nourishes the surrounding tissues thus providing for the skin of the neck looking more rejuvenated, refined, and youthful!


How is it done?

Utilizing this natural and non-surgical technology, our master injectors will utilize the tiniest needle on the market to inject PRFM into the skin of the neck and décolletage enhancing the overall skin quality of this area. Because the product is derived from your own blood, there are little to no side effects resulting in a more natural method for treating problematic wrinkled and crepey skin of the neck. A series of treatments is recommended to achieve the best results and provide optimal neck rejuvenation!


If a natural approach to increased collagen, an overall smoother look to the neck, and a boost in your confidence are what you’re looking for, book a consultation today to see if PRFM Neck Rejuvenation is right for you!