PRP Hair Rejuvenation


Hair loss and premature balding can be simply devastating for both boys and girls. We are here to help with our non-surgical PRP treatment for your hair health.

PRP, or platelet rich plasma, is a component of your blood that contains numerous beneficial growth factors that have been found to aid in hair restoration! And the good news doesn’t stop there! Our PRP hair restoration technique is a completely natural solution to hair loss making this one of our most favored procedures! Unlike many other treatment options for hair loss, our PRP process has little to no side effects since it is your own blood being used to promote hair growth! The procedure can be repeated multiple times depending upon the level of hair loss present and how much hair growth is required to achieve your desired results!

How is it done?

During this procedure, your blood will be drawn, and then centrifuged, to obtain the PRP. The scalp is then numbed with a topical cream, and a thin need le is used to inject the PRP directly into the areas of concern. The PRP then effectively functions to stimulate and nourish the hair follicles thus putting you on a way of getting a fuller, more voluminous head of hair!

If you are tired of wearing a cap or giving yourself a comb-over to hide thinning hair or premature balding, schedule a consultation with us today and be on your way to hair of your dreams.