If you have a scar that is contributing to your feeling of insecurity whether it be visible on the body or in a more private area, you may want to consider a scar revision procedure in order to minimize or eliminate it. Scars are usually different in color or texture from surrounding healthy skin, or noticeable due to their shape or size. There are a number of different techniques available to you both surgical and inject-able to treat a scar from an injury or surgery.

There are several factors to consider before determining which technique would work best for you. Some scars might require surgery while others may be revised using an injection. Additionally, it’s important to wait the proper amount of time after you have gotten the scar to think about revision. It is recommended to wait a year or more before you begin to explore your options. This gives the scar time to naturally fade on its own. Speaking with a professional will help you determine which option is best for you.