Full Facial Contouring


Restore your look

Don’t we all desire fit, muscular body with minimal amounts of body fat? Yes? Well, then you probably also know that lack of fat in our faces makes us look aged and tired. Bummer!!! The good news is that there is an inconspicuous solution that looks natural without any signs of being “done”—our signature facial contouring. We are leaders in aesthetics for both boys and girls and have been on the forefront of facial contouring for the past 12 years. Equally loved by fitness fanatics, professional bodybuilders, models, social media influencers and celebrities, our approach consists of restoring the lost volume to the face followed by refinement of fine lines and wrinkles and is often combined with skin retexturing procedures for natural, rested and overall amazing results.

We truly care about your results today, tomorrow and ten years from now. When it comes to natural aesthetics, having the right plan is the key to short AND long term successes. Our facial contouring approach starts with detailed and highly customized facial analysis/consultation. Think of our analysis approach as a GPS or guide for your future aesthetics. Upon this detailed and comprehensive session, we will create highly customized treatment protocol which will produce results unlike anywhere else. We combine different products and techniques in proprietary order using our unique and highly advanced techniques to improve skin quality, improve facial volume and beautify in an unprecedented yet completely undetectable way.

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