Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions
Terms of Use
Enhance Aesthetic Arts strives to ensure to the best of its abilities accurate and updated information on this site. This information reserves the right to change at any time without prior notice. However, Enhance Aesthetic Arts cannot guarantee the accuracy, specifics, or completeness of the information made available on this site.
Accordingly Enhance Aesthetic Arts disclaims any responsibilityfor:
– Any site unavailability
– Any occurrence of bugs
– Any inaccuracies or omissions concerning the information available on the site;
– Any damage resulting from fraudulent intrusion by a third party that leads to a change in the information made available on the site;
– Any direct or indirect damages, whatever the causes, nature and consequences including:  the costs that may arise from the acquisition of goods offered on the site, loss of profits, loss of  customers, loss of data or loss of any other intangible property losses that may occur as a result of the access by anyone to the site, the inability to access the site, or the credit given to any information derived directly or indirectly from the latter.

Protection of Personal Data
Enhance Aesthetic Arts undertakes to preserve the confidentiality of any information provided online by the Internet user.
Providing  personal information is optional and only allows Enhance Aesthetic Arts to better know the visitors of its web page.  Such information allowes Enhance Aesthetic Arts to  meet user expectations and to be able to send out, if so requested, information concerning Enhance Aesthestic Arts products.
Any personal information transmitted by the Internet user to Enhance Aesthetic Arts for the use of certain departments is subject to the provisions of Act No. 78-17 of January 1978 on Data Processing, Data Files and Individual Liberties. In this regard, the Internet user has a right to access, correct, and delete any personal information concerning them. This act can be exercised at any time by writing to:
Enhance Aesthetic Arts
2076 East 13 street
Brooklyn, NY 11229

Intellectual Property Right of Enhance Aesthtic Arts
This site as well as any software necessarily used in connection with it may contain confidential information protected by intellectual property law in force or any other law. Thus, unless otherwise stated, the intellectual property rights to the documents contained on the site and each of the elements created for this site are the exclusive property of Enhance Aesthtic Arts, and the latter does not grant any license or any right other than the right to consult the site. In particular, trademarks and other intellectual property rights mentioned on the site are the property of entities of Enhance Aesthtic Arts concerned. The reproduction of any documents posted on this site is only authorized for the exclusive purposes of information for personal and private use, and any reproduction or use of copies made for other purposes is expressly prohibited. It is also prohibited to copy, modify, create a derivative work, reverse the design or assembly or in any other manner attempt to locate the source code (except as provided by law), sell, assign, sub -license or transfer in any manner whatsoever any rights attached to the software. Similarly, it is also forbidden to modify the software or use modified versions of the software and particularly (without this list being limiting) in order to obtain unauthorized access to the service and to access the site by a means other than through the interface that is provided to you by Enhance Aesthtic Arts for this purpose