PG® RESTOREContour with Gradient Radiesse

Provides Facial Balancing & Lifting


Diminishes/Eliminates Neck Lines


Improves Symmetry & Facial Harmony


Promotes Collagen Production for a Natural Glow

Provides Facial Balancing & Lifting

Diminishes/Eliminates Neck Lines

Improves Symmetry & Facial Harmony

Promotes Collagen Production for a Natural Glow

Have you been feeling “ew” lately? Not entirely happy with the reflection in the mirror and certainly hating on all the recent pictures in your camera roll? Have you had it with endless filler maintenance sessions, puffy and unnatural features, filler migration and strange swelling after a glass of wine? Interested in swapping the face filled with gel like products for a natural, glowy, lifted appearance from your newly formed collagen? We have a solution!

Discover a new way to look better with PG® RESTOREContour, a comprehensive standardized full facial and neck contouring method using our favorite products Radiesse, Xeomin and Belotero and designed for the most discerning aesthetic patient from the leaders in regenerative aesthetics, Project GLAMMERS®.

What is the secret formula?  We have standardized and perfected our signature full facial and neck contouring approach conceived and developed by our medical director and leading aesthetic injector, Irene Gladstein, MD, FACS and use it with the products from the most progressive portfolio in the industry, Merz Aesthetics. Our approach is rooted in artistry yet producing reproducible and life changing results.   RESTOREContour will improve symmetry, harmony, balance of your face and create youthful, elegant and refined projections.   Meant to be used as a comprehensive face and neck rejuvenation approach, this procedure will not only change the way you look; it will most definitely change the way you feel.

What is the RestoreContour Procedure Combo?

Accomplished either in a single sitting or in multiple visits, in our hands, this combination has been creating amazing results for many years.


  1. Are all the steps of the procedure performed in a single sitting?

The answer is “it depends”.  Some patients are able to have multiple steps performed in a single sitting while others may need a few visits.  It depends on the level of patient tolerance and skin type.  We will be able to guide you on the number of visits during your customized consultation and facial analysis.

  1. What is maintenance like?

We recommend yearly maintenance for full facial and neck contouring (gradient Radiesse) as well as neck refining (Belotero) while wrinkle reduction for both neck and face is usually performed every 3-6 months

  1. What is recovery like?

As this is a minimally invasive procedures and performed using our highly advanced techniques, recovery is minimal.  As with any injection, bruising is possible (but less likely with our techniques).  Plan to have these procedures done at least 2-4 weeks prior to major social events in case mild swelling or bruising happens.

  1. I had fillers in the past; am I a candidate?

All US approved fillers do not have any contraindications with RestoreContour approach!  It is advisable to disclose your full injectable history at the time of the consultation especially if you travelled outside of the country for your injectables or believe you might have received illegally imported injectable treatments.

  1. I had facial surgery in the past; am I a candidate?

Yes, you are!  One thing to keep in mind though is that any surgical procedure changes the architecture and anatomy of the tissues.  Though most of our patients do not experience this, history of surgery puts one at a higher risk of bruising during the procedure.

  1. What is the cost?

RestoreContour Face 

Dr. Irene—starting at $3999
Associates—starting at $2999 

Wrinkle Reduction Face

Dr. Irene—starting at $960
Associates—starting at $660 

RestoreContour Neck

Dr. Irene—starting at $1599
Associates—starting at $1399 

Neck Refining

Dr. Irene—starting at $999
Associates—starting at $799