Dr. Dan earned his bachelor’s degree at New York University and completed medical school at SUNY Downstate Health Services University in Brooklyn. He then completed his residency training at NYU Langone Medical Center and fellowship at Mount Sinai Beth Israel in Manhattan.

Dr. Dan’s initial interest in aesthetics began when he established a medical weight loss program at his previous medical practice. That program rapidly evolved to include wellness and injectable aesthetic procedures.

While he’s a firm believer that the human body is inherently beautiful, Dr. Dan believes it can be safely enhanced if approached from different disciplines. His aesthetic treatment plans are reflective of the @projectglammers “big picture” approach. He is a firm believer in anti-aging medicine and hormonal health augmentation. His intention for all his patients it to help them live a healthier, longer, and more beautiful life through current breakthrough medical and aesthetic treatments.

Dr. Dan delights in learning and perfecting new treatments and rapidly incorporating the ones that get his seal approval into his everyday practice.