Our artistic Cheek Contouring is one of our most exciting procedures of all of aesthetics due to the numerous benefits it provides. This is one of the few procedures that benefit patients across a multitude of ages, facial structures and skin types.  Why? Because naturally enhanced, well-balanced cheekbones have always been a feature of modelescuque beauty, from ancient times until now (Nefertiti and Naomi Cambell are two examples that come to mind).  Our beauties in their 20 and 30s love the results due to the ability to reshape and contour the face for a subtle yet meaningful “highlighted” effect.  As our faces start to gradually change in 40s, 50s, and 60s, our cheeks can be among the first structures to lose volume creating a gaunt and sunken look to the mid-face that can leave us feeling less refined. Unfortunately, the problems associated with loss of volume in the mid-face don’t stop there! When cheeks become flattened and support is lost in this area of the face, smile lines and jowls can make a permanent appearance.

But wait! The benefits of Cheek Contouring continue! Adding product and lifting the tissue in the mid-face provides positive effects to other areas of the face as well such as softening the appearance of deep smile lines and sagging jowls making Cheek Contouring a 1-2-3 punch to drooping skin and facial features! Regardless if you are looking to contour and enhance or improve and refine, Cheek Contouring is the answer!

How is it done?

Our master injectors will utilize our signature cannula technique to layer product along the cheekbone which will create natural definition to the cheek followed by careful placement of product directly below the cheekbone providing a subtle and youthful curvature to the cheek.