Should You Include Night Cream In Your Skin Care Routine?

Most people think it is not that important to apply a night cream all over the face before going to sleep. They feel it is enough to just stick to the morning skin care regimen they are used to. What they do not know is that there are many good reasons for […]

Find Out Which Type Of Lips You Have And How To Improve Them

Pouty lips, thin lips, and thick lips – these are but some of the ways with which you can actually describe your lips. Much more than giving these names to the type of lips you have, you might want to get to know them better to see if you have a desirable […]

Understanding How Your Lacrimal Glands Work

Experts have always been asked about the different parts of the eye and their specific functions, most especially those of the lacrimal glands. In general, these are the glands that are responsible in producing tears. Get to know more about this function and the specific tasks with which the glands can help […]

How To Take Care Of Your Skin During The Fall Season

As fall sets in, we start to see the days grow shorter, with the air becoming drier, and the temperature drops. This means that your skin may begin to lose moisture, so you should ensure that you continue with your skin cleaning and moisturizing routine. The last thing you want over the […]

Top FAQs About Venus Viva

If yousee signs of skin damage, such as acne scars, other scars, rosacea, wrinkles or skin pigmentation, then you should consider Venus Viva treatment. No longer do you have to suffer under the pain of a CO2 laser, as Venus Viva skin resurfacing treatment offers up the same results without the pain. […]

How To Choose Between Botox, Dysport And Xeomin

Eventually, our body overtakes our minds when it comes to aging. You might still feel twenty years younger, but unfortunately, your skin does not see it this way. Slowly, wrinkles and lines start to etch themselves across our face, as we age gracefully. The laughter we have enjoyed over the years, becomes […]

What Type Of Foods To Eat For Tighter Skin?

As we grow older, our skin starts to become saggy and loose, and this is due to the breakdown of collagen that is in our skin. If you wish to slow this process, and maintain tighter skin, then there are a few things that you can do to change the progression of […]

Skin Care Tips For Women Over 50

Beauty comes from within, and for women over 50 we know that shines through. However, time also catches up with us, and we find that our skin loses its elasticity, our cheeks lose their fat, and our laughter lines and wrinkles become more prominent. That does not mean that you can’t help […]

Eliminate Chin Fat With Kybella!

When it comes to chin fat, you can guarantee that a high percentage of the population would like to improve their side profile by getting rid of their unsightly extra skin, or ‘double chin.’ Last year the FDA approved Kybella, which is a nonsurgical injectable treatment that will dissolve the fat that […]

Want Youthful Facial Contours? Sculptra Is The Answer.

If you are looking for a softer, more youthful and natural look, then having Sculptra treatment may be for you. This injectable liquid will add volume to your face, recontouring your looks. When using this technique, you will find that you don’t have that chipmunk look in your cheeks. When it comes […]

Is SculpSure Better Than CoolSculpting?

As technology advances and our understanding of how our bodies work becomes more in-depth, there is a great array of solutions now available to help remove stubborn fat or cellulite. These remarkable discoveries have helped many people regain any self-confidence they have lost, while creating amazing changes in their physical shapes. The […]

Attain The Best Results For Ptosis Repair!

If you find that your upper eyelid is drooping, you may have ptosis. This causes a tired, sleepy look and reduces your vision, and comes about by the gradual stretching of the upper lid supporting tissue. It is part of the aging process, yet it can be repaired to leave you looking […]

How Should You Prepare For Eyelid Reconstruction Surgery?

It is an unfortunate aspect of growing older, that parts of our bodies begin to sag and droop. However, these changes do not have to be merely accepted, particularly if they are in your facial area. This is the one area that is most noticeable, and the eyes are the most prominent, […]

Want Fuller Lips Today? THE ENHANCERS Has The Solution

Lip augmentation is the procedure those looking for full, vivacious lips should opt for and THE ENHANCERS has the answer. What is the Procedure? This cosmetic procedure is carried out by injecting soft-tissue fillers into the required areas around the lips and mouth. There are a variety of dermal fillers available but […]

Worried About Sagging Skin? Try Pelleve Today!

If your skin has started sagging before time and you are looking for ways to achieve optimal skin tightening fast, you should try Pelleve. This skin tightening solution makes use of advanced radiowave technology, heating the deep layers of skin and causing the collage to contract, while enhancing skin quality and firmness. […]

Popular Questions About Entropion Repair

At THE ENHANCERS , Dr. Irene Gladstein is highly prolific eyelid surgeon that has undertaken many thousands of eyelid surgeries, including entropion repair. We have come across many patients who have burning questions about entropion repair, and in this post, we provide answers to some of these popular questions. What Is Entropion? […]

Say Goodbye To Unwanted Pigmentation, Fine Lines And Wrinkles

Growing older gracefully is something we all strive for, but maintaining a fresh, healthy skin tone and texture is a challenge that time places on us all. As we age, our body, and particularly our face, shows signs of the unavoidable harm caused by sun exposure, pollution and toxins in the environment. […]

What Can HydraFacial Do For Men?

The revolution in men’s skin-care treatment for men has been progressing at pace for many years now and if the attentive, innovative team at THE ENHANCERS headed by the widely respected Dr. Irene Gladstein have anything to do with it these progressions and choices will continue to accelerate. accelerated. A Wide Choice […]

Varicose Veins VS. Spider Vessels

Unsightly and often painful blood vessels commonly rise in the body to become visible. We will look at varicose veins and spider vessels which are 2 major vein conditions, establish their differences and then consider what a person can do in terms of permanently removing the latter. Varicose Veins These veins are […]

Is There A Connection Between Laser Hair Removal And Cancer?

When laser treatment for hair removal is used in the correct manner and administered by professionals who understand the client’s needs, they can leave a person with smooth, hairless skin that feels fantastic to the touch. However, questions are often when it comes to evaluating if there are any connection between laser […]

Common Filler Problems That Need THE ENHANCERS Rescue

It is well understood that everything in the world of aesthetic injections is not made equal. If you or a friend have suffered a bad experience from filler placement treatment and the consequence is undesired results, fear not. The highly committed, experienced and efficient team at THE ENHANCERS can dissolve previous hyaluronic […]

Getting To Know SculpSure

Both men and women looking to reduce or eliminate fat should consider SculpSure, the non-invasive, laser-based treatment offered by THE ENHANCERS . This procedure is effective on a variety of body types with one procedure taking just an average of 25 minutes to complete. An added benefit is that it can target […]

Look Glamorous Effortlessly With Dermal Fillers!

As we age, the signs begin to show. Nowhere is it more obvious than on… the face. Fine lines, wrinkles and crow’s feet gradually become more apparent. This is due to a diminishing amount of natural proteins that the body produces. Collagen and elastin are two major proteins responsible for healthy skin; […]

Recovery Tips For Eyelid Surgery

Choosing lower eyelid surgery or upper eyelid lift to enhance your eyes and address loose skin can make a great impact on your overall face profile, without burning a hole in your pocket. In terms of results, eyelid surgery is one of those procedures that provide great results that last long. As […]

How To Combat Oily Skin

Our skin is affected by a myriad of factors from the environment in which we live to the food we eat. While we can take steps to minimize damage, it needs to be recognized that some of us have naturally oilier skin than the average person. If this is your case, you […]

Is Excessive Sweating Treatable?

Those of us who have problems with excessive sweating are faced with an embarrassing problem that can affect appearance and knock confidence. While it may be embarrassing, it should not be ignored. Here is an explanation on what causes the problem and methods to alleviate it. Hyperhidrosis, Polyhidrosis or Sudorrhea Take your […]

What Can THE ENHANCERS Skin PRP Do For You?

Reducing those signs of ageing is a constant challenge. We apply our creams and lotions with dedication, stick to that diet which promises glowing skin texture and pleasantly punish ourselves with that exercise routine. While this is all very admirable and must be maintained there is one route of assistance we all […]

Do You Have A Tearing Disorder?

Tears are not a bad thing, but at the same time, excessive tearing can become a grave concern. Lacrimal glands – positioned under the upper eyelid – are responsible for producing tears that are essential for preventing eyes from drying up, by forming a thin film coating the front eye surface. Through […]

The Choice Of Celebrities: Facelift Or Fillers?

Interested to know what the celebrities go for when it comes to cosmetic surgery? Here’s an insight into current trends. Desires and Needs Leaving aside the desire of many to be as successful as a favorite celebrity, things need putting into perspective. In terms of cosmetic enhancement celebrities really are no different […]

Top Benefits Of THE ENHANCERS LuxLips

There is no ‘one size fits all’ treatment for every individual. That’s why at THE ENHANCERS , we rethink the standard approach to lip augmentation. Deemed to be the best in the industry sought out by many famous personalities, LuxLips by THE ENHANCERS continues to redefine standards for the most amazing results. […]

Pain Free, Hair Free!

Let’s face it, pampering sessions and keeping your appearance in tip-top condition is something that makes us feel good. There are many pleasurable pursuits to achieve a glowing complexion with skin that is soft to the touch, but there is one necessity that is welcomed by few; the continual, cyclical removal of […]

More Men Are Getting Botox Today – Find Out Why!

Botulinum toxin injection is a treatment for muscle spasm, by preventing the release of acetylcholine and contraction of muscle cells. It allows the muscles to become less stiff, thus alleviating pain. Do you know that more men are getting Botox injections these days? Well, expert plastic surgeons have figured out the reasons […]

Don’t Let The Sun Damage Your Skin

We should all be aware of the damage that the sun’s rays can potentially cause to our skin and do everything possible to reduce this phenomenon. The sun’s ultra violet rays are responsible for damaging free radicals that will affect your skin in terms of ageing and appearance. This means you need […]

THE ENHANCERS first to offer Sculpsure Fat Reduction in Brooklyn

THE ENHANCERS is the first in Brooklyn to offer Sculpsure, a breakthrough in non-invasive body contouring that helps you achieve the look you want without surgery or downtime. Sculpsure’s light-based technology is designed to permanently destroy up to 24% of treated fat in a 25 minute procedure. There is no downtime, so […]

Have you heard? THE ENHANCERS is now offering Venus Viva

THE ENHANCERS now offers Venus Viva™, a revolutionary solution to wrinkles, acne scars, large pores, uneven texture, stretch marks, and pigment irregularities that can ruin the smooth, youthful appearance of your skin. Venus Viva™ can also tighten sagging skin on the face, neck and chest while adding a new radiance and dewy […]

Beat the genes with Kybellla

When it comes to genetics, people inherit their mother’s green eyes, their father’s thick hair, and in some cases, somebody’s double chin! It’s one of those issues that can afflict individuals of all ages and shapes. No matter how much you work out, how well you eat, or how well you take […]

THE ENHANCERS earns Allergan’s Diamond Level Status

Allergan, the maker of Botox, Juvederm and Voluma has recently recognized THE ENHANCERS as a Diamond Level provider. Dr. Irene Gladstein and her associates are now in the top 3 percent of all Allergan injectors in the United States performing these procedures with finesse and unparalleled results. While we strive to better […]

Introducing Kybella, Double Chin No More

  Introducing Kybella, the first and only FDA-approved injectable drug that contours and improves the appearance and profile of moderate to severe fat below the chin, otherwise known as a “double chin.” Dr. Irene Gladstein was selected to become one of the pioneers providers of Kybella based on her extensive expertise in […]

Hydrafacial Now Available in NYC

We’ve seen how much our patients love HydraFacial, so it is our pleasure to announce that HydraFacial is now available at both THE ENHANCERS locations! The HydraFacial™ is a soothing, moisturizing, non-invasive skincare treatment for anyone who is looking to improve and maintain the health of their skin. Proven effective for all […]

Beware of fake BOTOX® FDA takes action against illegal drug importation of BOTOX® Cosmetic

The doctor-patient relationship is built on trust and understanding, but for some doctors cutting corners with counterfeit products ends up costing their patients. * Fact: Not all doctors purchase their injectables from official sources, putting their patients at risk as a result. * Fact: The FDA recently took action again against illegal […]

Upper Lid Blephoraplasty

The eyes show our beauty, our vibrancy, our confidence, and often times our age. With time, as the thin skin of our eyelids loses elasticity, the eyelids begin to sag resulting in excess folds of skin. This can make a person appear older, tired, as well as make it difficult to apply […]

Introducing REFORM for Neck

Practicing good skincare is one of the key elements in having beautiful skin and looking youthful. Many of us are already in the habit of having a firm skincare regimen and are reaping the rewards of self-pampering. One of the struggles we often hear about however is when a great complexion is […]

Free Radicals & The Role of Antioxidants

Every day, we are exposed to harmful elements – stress, pollution, toxins, and most importantly, sunlight. These are known as free radicals, and they are the root of skin damage and aging. Free radicals destroy the chemical makeup of our skin cells, preventing them from functioning properly, causing our skin to deteriorate […]

Twice as Brilliant!

FOR A LIMITED-TIME OFFER FROM JULY 14 TO AUGUST 28 YOU CAN EARN EVEN MORE! Now is your chance to earn double points on any treatment or product. You can see your saving stack up: EARN 2X the points RECEIVE up to $200 for future treatments or products You can even use […]

The Skincare Pyramid – Essential components scientifically proven to work

Supplements Moisturizers, peptides, and barrier enhancing lipids work superficially on the skin surface, like polishing a piece of marble. In other words, the combination of Retinoids, Hydroxy acids, and Anti-oxidants transform the skin, while the supplements are the “finishing touch”, making everything look a bit better. Hydrate is a hyaluronic acid-based serum […]

It’s Summertime, Are You Protected?

While many of us love the sun-kissed look, nobody appreciates the signs of photo-aging being sped up by sun-exposure. Excessive unprotected time in the sun leads to premature wrinkling, sagging, a leathery texture and hyperpigmentation. Even worse, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that the sun causes 90 percent of all nonmelanoma skin […]

Doctor Gladstein Is Honored by Brooklyn Borough President

We are proud to share that Dr. Irene Gladstein, Medical Director of THE ENHANCERS, was awarded a certificate of recognition from Eric Adams, President of the Borough of Brooklyn. The citation below, honors doctor for “her tireless contributions in the field of medicine and community health.”

Introducing Daily Pads for Problem Skin

Since our Anti-Aging skincare line has been a smashing success, patients have been asking us for something to help combat breakouts, oily skin, and enlarged pores. Today, we are happy to announce that your needs have been addressed, as we have just added Daily Pads with acne medication to the THE ENHANCERS […]

Expert Advice – from Dr. Irene Gladstein

Over the past several years, I have consulted thousands of patients on how to maintain and enhance their natural beauty.  While we always try to come up with the optimal aesthetic and budget conscious options for every single patient, I also try to make sure that my patients are not simply patients, […]

Just in Time for Mother’s Day

Mothers are the ones who keep this world going forward, which is one of the many reasons we love them so much. There is one thing however, that mothers and daughters alike would rather go backwards – Aging! While backwards aging has yet to be discovered, there are ways of both preventing […]

Looking Like a Celebrity with Botox

Victoria Beckham, former Spice Girl, celebrated her 40th birthday this month.  When doing a side-by-side comparison between her Posh Spice days and now, we would say this beauty looks 40 years young—and remarkably unaged.  As a matter of fact, she happens to look even more stunning today than back then.  At 40 […]

Why Your Sweet Tooth is Aging You

It’s one of life’s great pleasures to occasionally treat ourselves to dessert, and it is well worth enjoying. However, some of us treat ourselves more often than others, and here’s why we should think twice before the next indulgence: When sugar enters our system it locks onto fats and proteins in a […]

Tips for Avoiding Bruising and Swelling after Injections

Injections can enhance our faces dramatically, and the results go a long way. Post-treatment, however, some of us are more prone to bruising and swelling than others. We want to provide you with some tips on how to minimize the down time, and make your enhancements more seamless. PRE TREATMENT Avoid taking […]

What makes Venus Freeze® Superior?

There are a number of treatments on the market promising to tighten skin, reduce cellulite and wrinkles, and contour the body. Some are effective and painful, others are painless and useless, and some do a little bit of everything. We want to highlight the differences between what’s out there, and our favorite […]

Dr. Irene Gladstein – chosen as the official trainer for Sculptra Aesthetics!

One of the most difficult challenges for the patients today is to select an aesthetics injection provider who possesses the talent for being able to produce natural and aesthetically pleasing results. It is due to Dr. Gladstein’s talent, sincerity, and dedication that THE ENHANCERS is able to acquire the loyalty of our […]


As we age, the cheek area can lose volume, causing the cheeks to flatten and the skin to droop and sag. This can strip our face of the vibrancy and youthfulness we still feel inside. The good news is that a non-surgical solution has recently become available from the makers of the […]

Venus Freeze Voted Number One

Venus Freeze Voted #1 According to American Health and Beauty 2013 Readers’ Choice Awards An aesthetic device that addresses some of the most common complaints by offering skin tightening, wrinkle reduction & cellulite reduction The 2013 Readers’ Choice Awards from American Health and Beauty honors the top non-surgical and surgical procedures in […]

HydraFacial™ = Skin Health For Life™

Dr. Irene Gladstein has been offering the finest beauty enhancements to our patients for years. Today she’s pleased to extend a facial treatment for skin health. We are proud to announce that Hollywood’s favorite treatment is now available at THE ENHANCERS! The HydraFacial™ is a soothing, moisturizing, non-invasive skincare treatment for anyone […]

A Gift to You

We know you’ve been doing it all this holiday season! From picking out the most thoughtful presents for your family and friends to arranging the perfect holiday parties to get everyone together; you’ve put in the work. But there’s one thing you may have forgotten – a gift for yourself. At THE […]

Taking Advantage of Product Synergy

With all the advertised promises, it is very tempting to try all the popular skincare products on the market or from our favorite brands. We often get lost in the selection of products that target specific problems, all of which we believe pertain to us. Try to overcome the impulse to purchase […]

Retinol; a woman’s best friend!

When it comes to anti-aging, the remedy appears to be all around us. Products never cease to offer the ultimate antidote to aging, promising to turn back the clock and restore a youthful glow. Various ingredients are showcased and emphasized bright and bold on packaging as “proven effective”, but what do we […]


It is a known fact that collagen is a key structural component that helps keep our skin firm and youthful. As we age, our bodies’ collagen production decreases, resulting in loss of volume and skin elasticity. We begin to notice the formation of smile lines, jowls, and circles under our eyes. There […]

5 Tips For Fall Skincare

As the weather gets cooler, it’s important to stick to a consistent skin regimen to keep our skin hydrated and nourished. Here are some helpful tips to enhance our skin this season! 1. Exfoliate – As the tans fade, it’s important to shed the sun-damaged skin with them! For quick, at home […]

Pain Free Hair Removal in Brooklyn

Tired of shaving, waxing, plucking, and worrying about your hair? Is smooth, hairless skin a runaway train you’re forever chasing? It’s time to liberate yourself from the cyclical pursuit, and hop on board with Pain-Free, Hair-Free™ Laser Hair Removal! Most of us have probably heard the stories of agonizing laser hair removal […]

Secrets Skin Care Companies Don’t Want You To Know

Skin is the single largest organ of the human body. It is the armor that protects our immune system from ultraviolet radiation, microorganisms and toxic agents. Skin, especially of the face, is also the very first thing we see when we meet someone allowing for gauging of age, health, and attractiveness. With […]

Why Do We Find Fuller Lips More Attractive?

Ladies, let’s face it, we apply and reapply our lipstick more than any other make up item in our bags. What’s the obsession and why are we compelled to draw attention to our lips? Are we really just influenced by celebrities, such as Angelina Jolie and Scarlett Johansson, or is there a […]

Benefits Of Getting Eyelid Surgery Earlier In Life

Although aging is appreciated when it comes to wine and cheese, most of us fear, resist, and deny it for as long as we can hide it – until the signs of aging become too apparent to ignore. Let’s face it, avoiding and neglecting the aging process isn’t going to make us […]

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