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Understanding How Your Lacrimal Glands Work

Experts have always been asked about the different parts of the eye and their specific functions, most especially those of the lacrimal glands. In general, these are the glands that are responsible in producing tears. Get to know more about this function and the specific tasks with which the glands can help in your overall eye health. Later on, you will also know more about possible problems that these glands may encounter.

Functions of the Lacrimal Glands

When the lacrimal glands produce tears, it begins to function in a lot of ways. First, it is there to help in order to coat the eyeball and also to help a person express his emotions through crying. These tears contain specific chemicals like immunoglobulin A, lysosome, and lipocalin among others. These chemicals can help protect the eye from bacteria invasion thus warding off possible infections that may affect the eye. They also protect the eye from debris and dust.

What if the Lacrimal Glands Do Not Function Very Well?

Everyone has their lacrimal glands and these glands are expected to function accordingly. However, people still wonder if problems may take place with these glands. Like any other glands in the body, the lacrimal gland can actually encounter problems throughout the way it functions. Some complain of dry eyes, others mild while others chronic. The reason that the eyes dry out is connected to the lacrimal glands incapability to produce sufficient amount of tears in a natural manner.

What Can Be Done to Solve Dry Eyes?

Eye doctors will usually recommend the use of a special eye drop that can help stimulate production of tears. This can then help regulate dry eye problems. It is very important to have the problem brought to experts right away because when the lacrimal glands fail to lubricate the eyes, they become more prone to eye infections.

What about Excessive Tear Production?

Eye drops are made to help stimulate tear production in a natural manner once the lacrimal glands have the inability to do so. They help with dry eyes as mentioned. You have to take note that there are instances when there can be excessive tear production too. In this case, lacrimal surgery will be the best option.

Excessive tearing can actually be a result of a blocked or clogged tear duct. When this happens, there is a tendency that tears will not find a passage where they can be drained off. In order to treat this particular problem, balloon catheter dilation will be recommended.

This is the type of lacrimal surgery where a balloon will be used in order to control tears. The object is inserted on that particular opening found in the corner of the eye. This will also need to be inserted right into the inflated tear duct. It uses a sterile solution that allows expansion of the tear duct. Once the process is finished, the balloon will be deflated before it is removed from the eye, where it was inserted. Tears will be regulated as they will be drained normally after the surgery.

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