Do you, like so many of us, have those stubborn problem areas that just don’t seem to be improving with diet and exercise? Love handles that won’t go away? Belly fat that you can’t get rid of? Well, KYBELLA Body Contouring might be an answer.

Body contouring with KYBELLA is an exciting and new injectable procedure that utilizes deoxycholic acid to permanently destroy fat cells! By combining your individual body shape goals with the experience of our master injectors, we can reduce fat and achieve a smoother, slimmer, and more defined appearance. This treatment option is perfect for targeting back fat, love handles, excess abdominal fat, knee fullness, and thigh fat. Please note, due to the non-surgical nature of this procedure, for best outcomes, multiple procedures are usually advisable.

How is it done?

Our master injectors will carefully mark areas of interest and use local anesthetic to decrease undesirable injections.  The area will then be treated with an appropriate amount of Kybella to achieve slimlined and contoured appearance.  Please note that swelling is part of the recovery process and usually resolves in 1-2 weeks.  Once the results are achieved, it is expected to be permanent and no retreatments are required.

 Contact us today for a professional consultation with one of our cosmetic consultants to get your personalized KYBELLA Body Contouring treatment plan to take the first step in getting the body you’ve always dreamed about!