When it comes to facial contouring, one of our favorite treatment options for achieving the facial shape of your dreams is Jawline Slimming! This procedure targets prominent masseter (chewing )muscles that contribute to a square jawline creating a masculine appearing face. Whether you’ve always had unwanted and protruding masseter muscles, or they have developed over time due to overuse such as clenching or chewing, Jawline Slimming is here to help!

How is it done?

During this simple and effective procedure, our master injectors target hypertrophic masseter muscles utilizing neurotoxins such as Botox or Xeomin. Over time, the use of neurotoxins to this area cause the masseter muscles to atrophy, or reduce in size, giving an overall softer appearance to the shape of the lower face!

This procedure is great for anyone desiring a more feminine looking jawline or increased facial symmetry with little to no downtime and minimal to no pain!