Customized Neurotoxins

Fine lines and wrinkles holding you back? Concerned about aging prematurely? Not to worry! Here, at Project GLAMMERS, our customized neurotoxin procedure is one of our most sought-after beauty treatments.  Why? We utilize a highly individualized approach that is meant to contour and refine and take years off your appearance in unprecedented ways. By focusing on common treatment areas such as the glabella (“elevens”), forehead, periocular rhytids (“crow’s feet”), appropriately dosed and carefully chosen neurotoxins prevent and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. While you may be familiar with conventional indications for neurotoxins, we also love to utilize the product in unique and innovative ways such as creating brow lifts, eliminating gummy smiles, treating “bunny lines”, reducing “smoker’s lines”, undereye “jelly roll”, enhancing lips with “lip flips”,  treating neck bands, and correcting the unintended mouth downturns.

How is it done?

After a detailed evaluation, our master injectors will utilize the tiniest needle on the market to accurately and artistically deliver the neurotoxin to produce the desired outcomes. Typically, the procedure takes around 15 minutes, and you can see results anywhere from three days to two weeks after the procedure! Results last three to four months, so maintenance is key.

If you want to look in the mirror and notice a more well-rested and younger-looking face staring back at you, come in today for your personalized consultation and see if our customized neurotoxin approach is right for you! Click here to get started!