Are vertical lip lines causing you to look weathered and aged? While these lines are typically referred to as smoker’s lines, that is far from the only cause. With increased sun exposure, repeated pursing of the lips such as kissing or drinking out of a straw, or simply aging and genetics, these superficial perioral lines can become deeper creating unsightly crevices that are a direct indicator of aging!

If not treated soon after they are first noticed, these vertical lip lines can get deeper and deeper creating fissures that are difficult to reduce once they develop. Therefore, early intervention with a combination of neurotoxins and hyaluronic acid dermal fillers is key! Our master injectors will combine small amounts of neurotoxin to gently relax the muscle and prevent wrinkle worsening with soft hyaluronic acid filler using cannula to assist with softening the lines that may have developed over time. Results are immediate and natural-looking, yet carry significant aesthetic value.  Please note that due to the delicate nature of the area, multiple sittings may be advisable to achieve the longest lasting and natural-looking results

So if unwanted texture above the lip is ruining your smile or overall appearance, schedule a cosmetic consultation to see if Above the Lip Contouring is right for you!