Are you tired of pouring time and money into undereye creams that never seem to work? Get ready to say goodbye to lack of undereye volume with Undereye Contouring! Whether your darkened and hollowed out under eyes are from genetics or natural volume loss from aging, Undereye Contouring can help!

We are experts in eyelids and take special pride the our highly specialized, advanced and artistic approach to treating lower eyelids.

The lower eyelid skin is very thin requiring a master injector to appropriately assess, treatment plan and eventually treat this area. Why, you would ask we put such emphasis on appropriate assessment?  That’s because we see patients with botched tear trough fillers done elsewhere daily and we want to guide you through our thinking on the subject.  Not every patient who desires correction of their tear trough is an appropriate candidate for this procedure.  That has to do with the fact the if we simply proceed with “knee jerk” approach of applying filler in the area upon request, we effective neglect to consider face as a whole and run the risk of putting our patient in the  “botched” category we see often present to us for corrections

When would undereye contouring be the right procedure for you?

Starting with this procedure is advisable for patients with localized loss of volume in the undereye or tear trough area without evidence of volume loss in the midface or excellent undereye skin texture.

When would undereye contouring not be the right choice for you?

Lack of volume in the mid face-this could be related to anatomic redisposition or be fthe result of maturity related changes.  Don’t forget—our face is a continuous structure.  Treating it as series of isolated and unrelated structures leads to lack of harmony, balance and strips “aesthetic” procedures off its true aesthetic potential and value.  And cannot be treated as isolated areas.    Proceeding with tear trough fillers without having adequate support under it is equivalent to fixing a roof on a house that lacks beams to support it.  In the best case scenario, injecting tear trough filler under such circumstances leads to lack of amazing results we all strive for and in the worst case, lead to poorly supported filler migrating into lower parts of the tear trough causing swelling, bumpiness and often something called “Tyndall” effect, bluish tint due to the filler sitting too superficially under the skin.

How to proceed?

Consider enhancing mid facial volume followed by undereye contouring using our signature facial contouring approaches using fillers, collagen stimulants or threads.

Changes in skin laxity and skin turgor (even in a setting of appropriate mid face support)—this is commonly an age related consideration but could seen in younger patients with stretched out skin in the area of tear trough/festoon area due to genetics or history of poorly performed fillers in the area resulting in long term swelling.

How to proceed?

Our approach helps tighten skin, improve collagen layers of the delicate eyelid skin and lead to more natural, longer-lasting outcomes.

Evidence of preexistent filler previously performed in the area. This often presents as      puffy, swollen, undereye area which appears worse in the morning upon awakeing or upon increased liquid consumption

When it comes to the delicate treatments of lower eyelids, we are certainly different from the rest.  Dr. Irene Gladstein, a board-certified Oculoplastic Surgeon and our medical director, has years of experience working with the under eyes and specializes in Undereye Contouring as well as all of our innovative and progressive non-surgical undereye protocols.

How is it done?

During this procedure, Belotero, a lighter hyaluronic acid filler, is expertly injected to build up under eyes that have become sunken and hollow. Due to the increased vasculature of the under eyes, Dr. Gladstein uses an advanced cannula technique that is less painful and reduces any potential bruising and swelling as well as has higher safety profile.

If you can’t leave the house without concealer or look tired even when you’re wide awake, book a consultation today to see if Undereye Contouring is right for you.  Our expert consultants will walk you through the process, discuss options for best possible outcomes and assist you with making the right decision to help you look rejuvenated.