WHyperhidrosis treatmente’ve all been there; whether it’s publicly speaking, riding that clunky elevator or taking a big exam, your nerves are sometimes put to the test.  During this time, your body may naturally sweat in response, however for some, sweating is an all-day cumbersome issue that can overwhelm individuals – even when they’re in a calm state.  What may be overriding their body is known as Hyperhidrosis; a disorder characterized by excessive sweating which most commonly occurs in the armpits. Thankfully, the condition can be treated by injecting neurotoxins such as Botox, Dysport, and Xeomin into the underarm area.

Treatments are administered through a very fine needle with minimal discomfort. The solution is injected at the source of the affected area where patients can begin noticing improvements within one to two weeks of treatment. The average lifespan of each treatment is approximately 6 months, so patients can repeat this simple procedure to avoid excessive sweating all year round.

Does this sound familiar? Don’t sweat it! Call today and find out how PROJECT GLAMMERS can help prevent Hyperhidrosis. Stop sweating, and start living!