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When it comes to genetics, people inherit their mother’s green eyes, their father’s thick hair, and in some cases, somebody’s double chin! It’s one of those issues that can afflict

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The Choice Of Celebrities: Facelift Or Fillers?

Interested to know what the celebrities go for when it comes to cosmetic surgery? Here’s an insight into current trends.

Desires and Needs

Leaving aside the desire of many to be as successful as a favorite celebrity, things need putting into perspective. In terms of cosmetic enhancement celebrities really are no different to the rest of us. This means that like us, some celebrities will choose minimally invasive treatments such as soft-tissue fillers, others opt for more involved surgeries; facelifts being a classic example.

Questions Remain the Same

One thing that you do have in common with celebrities is the type and amount of questions you will have in mind relating to your chosen treatment. We will touch on a very important question shortly, but please do bear in mind that the more comprehensive the answers, and your overall feelings of comfort and assurance with the practice concerned, the more positive you will feel that they are the right practice for you.

Facelift and Injectable Fillers – What is the Difference?

Soft-tissue injectable fillers are termed as being minimally invasive treatments. They require straightforward but strategic injections of a filler to areas of the face which are showing signs of ageing. Facelift procedures are classed as invasive surgical procedures and are used to address more noticeable, severe drooping. It is important to discuss and understand the types of facelift procedure you can undergo to understand what your exact needs are and what the procedure will involve.

Injectable fillers are used to address various signs of ageing that shows on the face. This includes:

  • Loss of volume
  • Sun damage
  • Noticeable wrinkles
  • Fine lines
  • Folds
  • Creases

A filler such as the popular Restylane is used to fill in wrinkles and creases, whereas neurotoxins such as the renowned Botox® will be used to paralyse muscles that cause wrinkles to form.

Another major difference which must be understood is that dependent upon the treatment given the effects of injectable fillers are effective for between a few months and several years whereas facelift procedures can last for a decade plus.

This means that those opting for soft-tissue filler treatment will generally require multiple treatments as well as ongoing maintenance which will be spaced over months or years. As a rule, full facelifts will generally be carried out on slightly older patients. They are more likely to be experiencing major volume loss in the mid-face, the development of deep lines, jowls and lose skin and muscles in the neck. A full facelift procedure is seen to offer positive, effective, long-term improvements.

Additional Precautions to Maintain Your Looks

While celebrities do rely quite heavily on cosmetic surgery it is also true that they practice extreme skin care procedures and many avoid the damage the sun can cause as well as the severe damage caused by smoking. Practice a good skin-care regimen by exfoliating and moisturizing and then when it is time to consider whether a boost to your appearance is necessary, your current skin condition will decide the appropriate treatment.