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Beat the genes with Kybellla

When it comes to genetics, people inherit their mother’s green eyes, their father’s thick hair, and in some cases, somebody’s double chin! It’s one of those issues that can afflict

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Pain Free, Hair Free!

Let’s face it, pampering sessions and keeping your appearance in tip-top condition is something that makes us feel good. There are many pleasurable pursuits to achieve a glowing complexion with skin that is soft to the touch, but there is one necessity that is welcomed by few; the continual, cyclical removal of hair from your legs, arms and other parts of the body.

Say Farewell to Shaving, Waxing and Plucking

The highly innovative team at THE ENHANCERS have come to your rescue. They offer an exclusive, trademarked Laser Hair Removal treatment that banishes those hairs and leaves your skin silky smooth to the touch. What is just as important is that this procedure is pain-free.

Forget those Hair-Raising Tales of Pain

Stories that many will have heard about the pain involved when having unwanted bodily hair removed by laser are plentiful and are a good reason to cause hesitation in terms of committing to this type of treatment. The pain felt through traditional laser methods is caused due to technologies that utilize huge amounts of heat to destroy hair follicles and ensure permanent reduction. The problem with such methods is that they can often result in pain and burning for the recipient of such treatment.

Painless and Proven Effective

The Pain-Free, Hair-Free™ device from THE ENHANCERS offers two exclusive, trade-marked technologies in SHR™ and IN MOTION™. This combination has allowed Dr. Irene Gladstein and her team to take the historically painful treatment of hair removal and turn it into a positive, feel-good experience. This breakthrough using revolutionary technology has been described as an extremely comfortable way to achieve hair removal and the experience has often been described as comparative to a warm-massage.

While a comfortable experience is of the utmost importance to the progressive staff at THE ENHANCERS , the team are also aware that treatment needs to prove highly effective. We can all rest easily on this point because of:

Low Heat Levels in Fast Delivery

The unique technology incorporated and employed in this effective trademarked solution offers fast delivery of low heat levels. Utilizing low heat, SHR™ works to decrease pain levels and minimize any risks of side effects. The end result leaves you with silky-smooth skin that is free from unwanted hair growth.

You Deserve the Best Hair Removal Treatment

We have all served our apprenticeship with razors, tweezers and pluckers. Any will have agonized over a waxing experience, others pained by an excessive laser treatment. Put these experiences where they belong; in the past, and take advantage of a technology that is the future. Pain Free, Hair Free™ is innovating, assured, painless and highly effective. You deserve this type of treatment and by taking advantage of it the results will clearly be displayed by your silky-smooth, hair-free skin.

Free Consultation

Your route to getting rid of unwanted hair comfortably, effectively and once and for all is one call away. Contact THE ENHANCERS to arrange a FREE consultation and to understand further the benefits of Pain Free, Hair Free™.