Assistant Manager/Cosmetic Consultant

Anna Nitskankaya is our amazingly knowledgeable, warm, and patient care-oriented Cosmetic Consultant with a true eye for beauty. Though her formal education was initially focused more on business (she earned her bachelor’s degree in Business and Media Communications with a minor in Marketing), Anna has always been passionate about aesthetics. That unyielding passion eventually led her to actively pursue the field years ago, and she absolutely loves it!

Anna is truly focused on guiding her patients through the realm of aesthetic enhancements and making them feel comfortable every step of the way.

“I feel like everyone regardless of age, gender, culture or socio-economic status should be able to look and feel better about themselves,” she says. “Whether it’s a small adjustment here and there or a full transformation, it’s always great to see happy patients!”

Aside from her love for aesthetic education at Project Glammers, Anna enjoys fashion, fitness, art, and photography in her spare time.