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Dr. Gladstein is quoted in a NewBeauty article: An Ophthalmologist Says These Are the 3 Ingredients You Should Never Put Near Your Eyes
January 5, 2018
Dr. Irene quoted in NewBeauty – The Treatments Doctors Say Millennials Should Get This Winter
January 2, 2021

New York oculoplastic surgeon Irene Gladstein, MD tells us she is disinfecting spaces between patients with germicidal ultraviolet technology. “Ultraviolet C (UVC), is one of the three types of rays given off by the sun,” she explains. “Though research into its safety around humans still needs to be explored, it has been shown to be effective against previous strains of coronaviruses. We currently use this modality to disinfect facilities after hours as well as for disinfection of personal protective equipment.”


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