Kaisha Jean-louis is a Registered Nurse. She obtained her degree at st pauls school of nursing, she possesses a diverse range of skills and a strong educational background. She embarked on her academic journey at the Academy of of Art University in San Francisco California , where she diligently pursued and successfully obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts. With a background in fashion and beauty, Kaisha’s transition to aesthetic nursing was a natural progression fueled by her passion for healthcare and aesthetics. 

Drawing from her expertise in makeup artistry and facial aesthetics, Kaisha approaches each client with an innate understanding of facial harmony and a keen eye for detail. Her infectious energy and proactive approach ensure that she exceeds expectations, consistently delivering natural, rejuvenating results. With Kaisha, clients can expect a personalized approach that brings out their inner glow and helps them achieve their aesthetic aspirations for a rejuvenated glow up.