Restore Your Look

Don’t we all desire fit, muscular body with minimal amounts of body fat? Yes? Well, then you probably also know that lack of fat in our faces makes us look aged and tired. Bummer!!! The good news is that there is an inconspicuous solution that looks natural without any signs of being “done”—our signature facial contouring. We are leaders in aesthetics for both boys and girls and have been on the forefront of facial contouring for the past 12 years. Equally loved by fitness fanatics, professional bodybuilders, models, social media influencers and celebrities, our approach consists of restoring the lost volume to the face followed by refinement of fine lines and wrinkles and is often combined with skin retexturing procedures for natural, rested and overall amazing results.

We truly care about your results today, tomorrow and ten years from now. When it comes to natural aesthetics, having the right plan is the key to short AND long term successes. Our facial contouring approach starts with detailed and highly customized facial analysis/consultation. Think of our analysis approach as a GPS or guide for your future aesthetics. Upon this detailed and comprehensive session, we will create highly customized treatment protocol which will produce results unlike anywhere else. We combine different products and techniques in proprietary order using our unique and highly advanced techniques to improve skin quality, improve facial volume and beautify in an unprecedented yet completely undetectable way.

First, can Dr. Gladstein explain her background in plastic surgery and how she came to offer facial contouring?

Dr. Gladstein is an oculoplastic surgeon and has focused exclusively on aesthetics for the past 12 years. In actuality, we have been offering this service for that long and we are happy to see it gaining popularity and becoming a “go-to” approach for improvement in facial shape, contour and definition.

Describe the pre, during, post-op procedure for facial contouring. How long does the procedure take? What is the recovery process like? How long does the results last on someone? Does the longevity of the results differ depending on the area of the face people get done?

The concept of facial contouring is based on the ideas of facial balance and harmony. While we occasionally need to limit focus to certain features (e.g. smile lines, jawlines, cheeks), it is infinitely more effective and aesthetically pleasing to consider a face as a whole and create an integrated approach to timeless beauty.

 With masterful touch and advanced techniques, none of these services require anesthesia or significant downtime. To reduce the risk of bruising, we recommend avoiding any blood thinning medications and some over the counter supplements. We try to do our best to minimize any discomfort or anxiety upon our patient’s arrival; from our support staff that guide our patients through every step of the procedure to cozy environment to masterful artistically inclined injectors practicing the latest and the greatest in techniques and approaches, we try our best to minimize pain, stress and any degree of concern. And don’t forget our custom formulated numbing cream that works wonders!

Recovery is usually limited to mild swelling and bruising (chances of both are greatly minimized when using advanced microcannula injectable techniques) and most patients do not need any time off. While make-up cannot be applied immediately after the procedure, good news are that concealer and foundation are perfectly fine to use the next day.

Longevity of the results is individual and vary based metabolism and product used. When it comes to biostimulating facial contouring (injectables that stimulate collagen production), results are expected to last for 2-3 years while any contouring using hyaluronic acid fillers are expected to last for about a year. Depending on the product we use, the process could vary from a single to several visits.

Is there an area of the face more popular for women to contour? What about men?

Truth is–why should girls have all the fun????

Our approach to facial contouring is equally loved by boys and girls. While women still comprise the majority of our practice, men’s interest in facial rejuvenation and enhancement has catapulted in the recent years. This uptrend places a huge responsibility when it comes to the providers. While concept of natural enhancements remain the same, certain anatomic differences require advanced expert knowledge and technique. This is not “one size fits all” situation.

As far as the trends are concerned, Most commonly, men request strong and chiseled jawline while women are equality attracted to definition in jawline and cheeks.

How many people have Dr. Gladstein done the procedure on?

Last year alone, we performed close to a 1000 cases of facial contouring and have been on the forefront of the aesthetics for about 12 years. Its easy to do the math.
What has been the overall response to the procedure?

Our patients absolutely love all aspects of it–from effortless recovery to subtle artistic enhancement, to results that last for years–injectable facial contouring is a winner.

Plastic surgery and fillers is a more controversial topic for some. Are there any myths or perceptions Dr. Gladstein finds herself often debunking?

We have seen dramatic shift in the acceptability of aesthetic procedures over the past few years; yet, we still find ourselves in a business of debunking the myths. The most common concern we used to encounter years ago was “Am I starting too early?” Those times are long gone as a giant chunk of our patient population is comprised of millennial clients. We now know that prevention is the cornerstone of natural aesthetics. We now know that with expert guidance and regular approach, we could prevent aging rather than augment and distort appearances. Our current most common concern is “Am I going to look natural?” This is exactly where the concept of facial harmony and balance comes into play. Our answer is simple and truly taps into our overall aesthetic approach. Keeping it balanced will keep it looking natural.

How does this procedure differ from say a nose job or face lift?

We love this approach as it offers a completely non-surgical and artistic approach to facial balancing. Its also important to understand that surgery does often does not solve issues that facial contouring, simple in-office procedure with almost no downtime or “tell tale” signs of surgery, could offer.

Is there ever someone who doesn’t qualify for the procedure? If so, what might disqualify them?

Certain medical and skin conditions are on the list of exclusions for non-surgical aesthetic procedures. We always encourage you to find a provider who is well versed in al aspects of medical aesthetics and values an importance of treating patient as a whole.

Similar to how fashion changes, so does people’s perception on what facial features should look like (i.e. rise of larger lips, thicker brows, etc.). Is there concern for altering your face to fit a trend that could impact it in the future?

Just like fashion, trends in aesthetics are bound to change. The potential for such change emphasizes the importance of our aesthetic approach. Why? Because truly harmonious appearances are timeless and will be in trend 3, 5, and 10 years from now. When it comes to our practice, it is truly a time tested concept.

We will share a little secret: Our favorite pass time is looking at our patients’ pictures from 7-10 years ago and tracking the improvements that highlight his or her best features and allow rested, rejuvenated appearances. Aging in reverse as a result of this consistent MO doesn’t hurt either.

Our advice to those seeking ANY cosmetic enhancements is simple–look for a provider with refined aesthetic eye capable of delivering beautification rather than augmentation.